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Brainwave Music for free

What can Brainwave Entrainment Music do for you?

  • Experience deeper meditations or profound relaxation easily
  • Relieve stress, anxiety or depression
  • Increase your creative potential
  • Improve memory, power focus and learning

What is in for you?

  • 2 sample tracks with alpha mind state meditation (use for relaxation, stress relief, easy learning...)
  • 3 sample tracks with theta mind state meditation (use for deep relaxation, mind programming, sleep induction...)

Download my 5 demo tracks and experience relaxation, healing, personal and spiritual growth *

* I want to ask you for your email address in order to keep you up to date, when I have new tracks ready. Furthermore I would be happy to provide you insights and informations concerning spiritual and personal growth. I fully respect your privacy and will never give away your data. Robert

Have also a look at my alpha brainwave meditation on Youtube:

Shon Saji Mammen, 17-07-17 16:44:
thanks for free demo
robin thakur, 16-07-17 22:43:
I would? like to say thank you gid
Debojyoti ghosh, 07-07-17 19:19:
real life hero
Manpreet Ks, 11-06-17 10:59:
Soothing,relaxing,pleasant music
maida sami, 23-05-17 16:52:
find it so relaxing. thank you so much and it really work as a meditation
Kamlesh Mehta, 26-03-17 20:31:
It is fantastic......
Hasan moustafa, 02-03-17 22:09:
asma aibout, 12-02-17 21:40:
i try it and i really like it .
Ava , 03-02-17 10:16:
Is it allowed to foc download and include it in a YT Meditation Video made by me?


Hi Ava, sorry, but this is not possible. Please use all the music on my site for personal use only. Regards, Robert
Bigu , 19-01-17 22:45:
which Music will be helpful for reducing my Sleeping time and increasing Memory power?? Plez help

Hi Bigu,

sorry, but you can’t reduce your sleeping time with Brainwave Music directly. The music just helps you to get into a deeper or more focused state of mind.
In order to gain more memory power and to be able to reduce sleeping time, I would recommend to practise meditation and yoga regularly. Also a healthy diet is necessary.

Please try to meditate for at least 30 minutes 3-4 days per week. Use Theta Brainwave Music for a deep relaxation.

Especially for increasing your memory power also use special apps on your phone or computer to train your brain like a muscle. Look for e.g. "Dual-N-Back“ apps, which are out there for iOS / Android or desktop computer.

Regards, Robert

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