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my name is Robert, I live in Germany and I'm passionate about healthy lifestyle and "self development/improvement". Since I was a child I was really interested in spirituality. I early began to practice yoga and meditation.

Due to some stress in my job I was looking for some methods to extend and deepen the meditation experiences and to find a way to easy get access to the unconscious mind.

Brainwave entrainment music was one of that methods I found useful. On this website I tried to subsume the principles behind and want to encourage you to try it out yourself.

I created some free MP3 sample downloads for you.

Buzzy , 18-02-16 11:42:
Are there any subliminal implications imbedded in BWE tracks available thru many sources today? Example: background music played in stores with subliminal suggestions to BUY or at least put people in the "mood" to shop & buy items sold in that store
Hey Buzzy, I really don't think so - at least there are no subliminal messages in the tracks available on this site... ;-) Regards, Robert
Pascal , 29-12-14 23:30:

What kind of speakers can I use to her alpha-waves?
For frequencies below 10Hz are actually reproduced only by subwoofers.
Greg , 08-08-13 10:56:
Hi Robert. I'd like to use your two free alpha music tracks in office meetings in the background. Did you make these tracks and can you let me know if this is ok?

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Hi, I'm Robert and I'm passionate about healthy lifestyle, yoga and meditation.