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Binaural Beats

This operation principle provides both ears with tones of different audible frequencies using stereo headphones, which difference result in the non-audible target value. The human brain set both values off against each other, so that the brainwave is produced by the brain which covers the non-audible but aimed frequency. The obtained frequency is called beat. The difference between both audible frequencies may not exceed 30 Hz. Otherwise the human ears identify a false tone. This kind of brainwave production leads to a comprehensive synchronisation of both hemispheres and can only be obtained by using stereo headphones. This entrainment technique is the oldest version.

Binaural Bliss - A deep meditation from alpha to theta mind state with binaural beats


Brainwave Entrainment with Binaural Beats

Meditation creates a mental state of profound relaxation and keen alertness, enabling the mind to remain calm yet fully present. Research shows that meditation increases alpha brain waves and decreases depression, anxiety and stress-related disorders like heart disease. In addition, meditation reduces pain, boosts the immune system and increases self-acceptance. Meditation usually entails sitting quietly and focusing on the breath or a mantra, a repeated word or phrase. Although the process sounds easy, many people find that their mental chatter makes meditation difficult. Combining meditation with relaxing, mood-elevating music and binaural beats helps the brain experience alpha waves faster, making meditation much easier.

The Theory Behind Binaural Beats

Humans can hear sound frequencies ranging from 20 to 20,000 hertz (cycles per second). Human brain waves typically exhibit frequencies below 40 hertz. The alpha and theta waves that characterize deep relaxation and meditation range from 4 to 13 hertz, below the range of human hearing. The technology of binaural beats allows the brain to perceive and entrain to these low frequencies nonetheless.

Binaural beats consist of two sound waves that differ slightly in frequency, one tone played in each ear simultaneously through stereo headphones, which the brain perceives as a single beat, adapting its waves to match the frequency difference between the two tones. For this effect to occur, both tones must measure less than 1,000 hertz, and the difference between them cannot exceed 30 hertz. For example, playing a frequency of 280 hertz in one ear and 289 hertz in the opposite ear will cause the brain’s waves to entrain quickly to 9 hertz, a frequency in the alpha range. Altering the binaural frequencies can create any desired brain-wave state. With repeated exposure to binaural beats, the brain learns to reach the resulting frequencies more easily and often.

Uses for Binaural Beats

Binaural-beat technology, the oldest method for entraining brain waves, constitutes the primary component of many audio programs that lower brain-wave frequencies to induce relaxation and meditative states. In addition, scientists have used binaural beats at given frequencies to influence the body’s production of specific hormones and neurotransmitters. Furthermore, some consciousness explorers employ binaural-beat technology to facilitate astral projection and lucid dreaming and activate extrasensory perceptions and experiences. Mental-health practitioners have also used this technology to recover repressed memories and treat addictions.

Benefits of Binaural Beats

The calm alpha and theta brain-wave states that binaural-beat technology produces yield numerous benefits. These states promote increased mental clarity, focus, concentration and learning capacity, align mind and body and allow a closer connection to one’s spirit and subconscious. Besides reducing stress and anxiety, this technology also enhances sleep, sexual and athletic performance, pain control, productivity and creativity. 

Furthermore, these brain-wave states create a more positive outlook and increased empathy and self-awareness, often improving one’s relationships with others. Together, these benefits help listeners significantly increase their personal effectiveness in daily life. Users of this technology also find it much easier to relax quickly and easily after hurried or busy phases.

Given the myriad benefits of binaural-beat technology and the immediate access to MP3 files that modern technology allows, listeners can greatly enhance and gain control over many important aspects of their lives instantly and effortlessly by downloading and regularly employing meditation-enhancing music that features this ingenious technology. 

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