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Brainwave Music for free

Check out my free brainwave music high quality samples. Please remind: due to the nature of binaural beats you have to listen with stereo headphones!

I also prepared an alpha brainwave meditation on Youtube:

Alpha mind state meditations

Use it for relaxation, stress relief, easy learning...

MP3 Download

MP3 Download

Theta mind state meditations

Use it for deep relaxation, mind programming, sleep induction...

MP3 Download

MP3 Download

MP3 Download (Thanks and credit to wisslgisse who created this one)

Santosh Pawar, 25-10-16 05:24:
This is fantastic....thank you! can you also provide downloadable audios for Beta & Delta waves!
Thank You again!
Ryn Uni, 05-10-16 06:55:
I love it.
Nguyen Toan, 09-09-16 04:25:
parvoz , 21-07-16 23:28:
Thanks so much these are helpful for me .
T.O Eastman, 10-07-16 15:26:
Great Thank for Your Music for Other's Spiritual World..!
Stan Cojo, 10-07-16 13:21:
thank you so much
TyTruvmahn Edgesmythe, 30-06-16 11:07:
Definitely Looking forward to MORE BrainW's . These mp3 Downloads are MEGA " Fantastic " and Subliminal mp3's TOO !!!
ibrahim Muhammed, 24-06-16 21:47:
This is would be the top ten of the sorts of the music
Mundodiyil , 12-06-16 14:28:
Really nice. Thank you
helmi firdauzi, 11-06-16 08:59:
Good ones

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