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Brainwave Music for free

Check out my free brainwave music high quality samples. Please remind: due to the nature of binaural beats you have to listen with stereo headphones!

I also prepared an alpha brainwave meditation on Youtube:

Alpha mind state meditations

Use it for relaxation, stress relief, easy learning...

MP3 Download

MP3 Download

Theta mind state meditations

Use it for deep relaxation, mind programming, sleep induction...

MP3 Download

MP3 Download

MP3 Download (Thanks and credit to wisslgisse who created this one)

Naresh Patel, 19-12-16 06:18:
I like it so much.....
Anderson , 09-12-16 21:58:
Tanks!Muito obrigado!
AJAY BAJPAI, 08-12-16 20:08:
Thanks for recording my request
kd , 06-12-16 07:53:
Will it help to cure negative thinking and OCD?
Brainwave Music can't shift your personality, habits or character, but it will help you to calm down and to get into a deeper and meditative state of mind.

To stop the daily routine of negative thinking you need first of all awareness. To cultivate awareness you have to practise meditation regularly. Preferably you use Brainwave Music to support the process. ;-) Use a deep alpha or theta wave session.
Regards, Robert
Kumar Shubham , 02-12-16 02:31:
I'll kiss your feet if it works in my exam preparations
TB Rai, 24-11-16 11:18:
Amit Prabha Vasant, 15-11-16 22:26:
I like it so much ...
komal tomar, 13-11-16 18:35:
I have no words to say anything but still thanks because you change my life completely.
jayakumar krishnan, 08-11-16 22:25:
life changing procees in human life
Bala K S, 02-11-16 04:29:

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