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Brainwave Music for free

What can Brainwave Entrainment Music do for you?

  • Experience deeper meditations or profound relaxation easily
  • Relieve stress, anxiety or depression
  • Increase your creative potential
  • Improve memory, power focus and learning

What is in for you?

  • 2 sample tracks with alpha mind state meditation (use for relaxation, stress relief, easy learning...)
  • 2 sample tracks with theta mind state meditation (use for deep relaxation, mind programming, sleep induction...)
  • MP3 digital formats - use it with any device wherever you want (compatible to Mac, PC, mobile phones, tablets, mp3 payers...)
  • 80 minutes total of inspiring music
Alpha Relax Meditation Ambient Alpha Relax Meditation Indian Flute Deep Theta Meditation Ambient Deep Theta Meditation Mystic Sound

Download my 4 demo tracks and experience relaxation, healing, personal and spiritual growth *

* I want to ask you for your email address in order to keep you up to date, when I have new tracks ready. Furthermore I would be happy to provide you insights and informations concerning spiritual and personal growth. I fully respect your privacy and will never give away your data. Robert

Jade , 14-08-19 21:58:
It helps me to stay focused and study for long hours and to absorb that info
Abhishek , 06-05-19 15:34:
Thank you Robert for the music
Justin A., 27-04-19 07:53:
Thank you very good.
Charly , 09-03-19 07:44:
After 2 years praktice in meditation and the sound of natives, i turn to your brainwave music. It hits in within seconds like always, but i can feel the waves running throu my body. BUT you should note interrested people to use a good headphone what can play up to 20kHz, otherwise the full spectrum will not be used. I'm sure to improve my astral journeys. Thanks from Austria
manoranjan sahoo, 18-01-19 13:07:
Binaural beats music memory power improve focus
shuvam behera, 18-01-19 12:57:
Improve memory power focus
Binaural beats music download and whatsapp.
Nihal Kumar, 02-01-19 19:28:
Hi I'm NIHAL & after listening the beats I relax feeling
Ilona , 07-09-18 11:48:
danke für diese Tracks! Gibt es Binaural Bliss demnächst auch als Download?
Viele Grüße!

Ja, ist jetzt verfügbar.
Kathleen Christian, 07-09-18 00:14:
I'm very interested in investigating how different types of brain waves affect us.
Roberto João, 03-09-18 04:36:
Wonderful music ... great work. congratulations.

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