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Brainwave Entrainment

But how does this work? How can this music streamline brainwaves to a predefined goal? This may be best demonstrated by an example.

brainwave entrainment

A stressed, permanently working human is not able to let things go, to learn new skills or to open his mind for other people. He starts to freeze within his stressy life as there is no time or rest left to consider new ideas. The brain is permanently active on Beta-frequency and blocks other frequencies. He cannot reach to his interior anymore. Often he cannot sleep, and the required relaxation can not be obtained. Often the individual do not realise the mental blockade which hinders him to relax and to use the chance to gather new experiences.

A human being who recognises this problem and starts to change life often searches for and begins to train techniques, as Yoga or Meditation, in order to relax and unify body and mind. Both techniques can be used to relax on demand. Studying these traditional techniques takes time and requires endurance which not everybody may stick out.

Theta Brainwave Meditation Sample

Brainwave music starts directly at the brainwaves by stimulating it acoustically. The brain is able to take up signals from the environment and to adjust to it. The consistent rhythm of this music specifies the rhythm for the brainwaves. The more a person is trained to adapt to these rhythm the quicker the brainwaves follow the rhythm and reach the requested range of frequency. This type of music may be used for relaxation and to support of meditation. Also, it shows some potential as therapeutic aid. Beats meeting the Alpha-frequencies can be used to fight the state of anxiety as felt by some people visiting a dentist for example. Aimed brainwave activation at the Theta-frequencies promotes sleep and may help to transfer information from the subconscious into the conscious and to clarify hidden issues.

Due to the circumstances of our modern life the left hemisphere often is more used then the more emotional right one. The goal of the brainwave activation is to synchronise the brainwaves of both hemispheres again so that an individual may specifically influence his mental state.

Operation principle and method

The human sense of hearing normally is capable to hear frequency of 16 Hz and higher. Some brainwave frequencies, which this music tries to generate, lie well below that and can be produced in man by special technical devices only. There are three operational principles using this music: monaural and binaural beats and isochronic tones. In all cases the use of stereo headphones is recommended, indeed, for binaural beats even needed. The principles operate as follows:

Binaural Beats

This operation principle provides both ears with tones of different audible frequencies using stereo headphones, which difference result in the non-audible target value. The human brain set both values off against each other, so that the brainwave is produced by the brain which covers the non-audible but aimed frequency. The obtained frequency is called beat. The difference between both audible frequencies may not exceed 30 Hz. Otherwise the human ears identify a false tone. This kind of brainwave production leads to a comprehensive synchronisation of both hemispheres and can only be obtained by using stereo headphones. This entrainment technique is the oldest version.

Binaural Bliss - A deep meditation from alpha to theta mind state with binaural beats


Monaural Beats

This operation principle is an evolution of the older binaural beat technique. The music is provided as two sounds of even intensity but different pulse pattern. The human brain identifies one tone only. The sounds can be listened without headphone. Nevertheless, stereo headphones support the effect of this technique.

Isochronic Tones

This is the most effective brainwave entrainment method. The music provides audible sounds of even intensity with high pulse repetition. If a brainwave of the Theta-frequency with 5 Hz should be produced the sound will be repeated five times per second including five pauses. Due to the outstanding synchronisation ability of the human brain develops the intended 5 Hz brainwave.

How to perform Brainwave Entrainment

There are several approaches to train brainwaves with the help of brainwave music. Facing a lot of stress in their jobs one of the most important goals for users at home may be to learn how to relax using brainwave music. Whatever your personal goal may be: just allow yourself to take time and sit down comfortably.

We will soon provide brainwave music CD-ROMs and MP3-Downloads with binaural and monaural beats and isochronic tones. To discover the great potential of this music, you just need a CD recorder / MP3-Player and stereo headphones.

Acoustic stimuli of the music can further be intensified by visual effects and sound filters. At home specially manufactured devices, the mind-machines, may be used for a high level entrainment. Additionally, there is the possibility to watch suitable videos on your home computer or notebook in combination with the music CD.

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